HONEMA HDM plant for drying and mixing honey is a highly efficient, high-performance solution for thoroughly mixing honey and simultaneously removing excess moisture. It can be optionally supplied with a built-in filtration system.

The specially designed spiral construction creates the greatest possible surface area for heat exchange and ensures fast removal of moisture, but takes up only a small amount of space.

Features and how it works

It is manufactured entirely from stainless steel for the food industry, AISI304 or AISI316L for parts that come in contact with the product.

Honey is loaded through the top cover or is pumped through the side valve, which serves to discharge the finished batch of product.

Heating with warm air. During operation, a stream of warm, dry air continuously blows over the entire surface of the spiral agitator. The heating temperature can be regulated by switches. Dry and warm air passes through closed contour, heats and dries the honey, and then is released into the atmosphere. The air, carrying water vapor with it, is removed from the working chamber; due to the creation of excess pressure, the moist air is forced out into the atmosphere.

The large surface for heat exchange in a compact design is due to the special shape of the agitator. Evaporation of water takes place continually over a large surface, which ensures fast and efficient drying of honey.

Mixing is performed at the same time as drying to evenly regulate the moisture of the entire portion of honey in the plant. The special shape of the agitator enables efficient mixing of different kinds of honey for creating a blend.

Filtration system. If filtering the honey is needed, it can be pumped through an external filter when it is discharged from the plant or a built-in filter can be supplied. The working body can be partially manufactured in the form of stainless-steel mesh or perforated.

If you need to intensely heat the product or melt crystallized honey, the HDM installation is supplied with a heating jacket for connecting to an external hot water system or with an internal heating source.

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  • Universal application – a single plant performs mixing (blending, homogenizing), removal of excess moisture, and if needed, filtration.
  • It’s economical. The efficient design allows it to perform all processes with minimal energy costs and in a minimum amount of time.
  • Low cost and low maintenance expenses, minimal energy consumption.
  • It’s compact. The plant has the greatest possible surface area for heat exchange over a small amount of space.
  • It’s hygienic. The HDM plant is designed for convenient cleaning and maintenance. Clean-in-place can be carried out within the plant itself.


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