HONEMA honey filters are an effective solution for industrially filtering honey from various inclusions in accordance with the customer’s needs.

HONEMA honey filter:

  • separates honey from any large particles such as larvae, pieces of dead bees, and wax, which can affect the appearance of the honey or create an unpleasant taste or smell when storing it;
  • removes glucose crystals, which serve as centers for crystallization and lead to accelerated saccharification of the honey during storage;
  • removes pollen to produce sterile honey.

HONEMA honey filters are manufactured entirely out of stainless steel for the food industry. The filter design consists of a steel body, the diameter and length of which is determined according to the output required.

Inside the steel body there are filter screens made from stainless steel. The mesh size varies depending on the impurities that are to be filtered out. These filter screens are removal and changing and cleaning them is convenient. The folding design makes it easy to clean the filter.

Depending on the mesh size and the pressure of the supplying pump, HONEMA filters can filter out standard impurities like larva, bee pieces, wax, etc., and they can be used for finely filtering honey when producing sterile honey from which pollen has been removed.

Filters with a heating jacket can be optionally supplied, as well as two-, three- or multilevel designs.

For high-output honey processing in plants that work continuously, the filter can be equipped with a continuous self-cleaning system that continuously or periodically discharges impurities.

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  • HONEMA filters are of high quality. Our filters are manufactured entirely from stainless steel and designed for heavy use in industry. The filter cartridges are changeable and long-lasting.
  • High-quality filtered honey.
  • Universal application. They can purify honey from larger particles or perform ultrafiltration.
  • Easy to maintain. The filter cartridges are easy to take out, and cleaning them takes only a couple of minutes.
  • HONEMA honey filters are used in industrial applications and integrated into a production line with a melter, homogenizer, honey dryer, and other equipment.

Honey is supplied into the filter by a pump.


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