The HONEMA CH plant is a universal high-performance system, which, thanks to its modular design and a wide range of options, can be used for producing cream honey, both in large as well as in small quantities, and regardless of the quality of the initial product.

All versions of the HONEMA CH plant feature an automatic control system, which allows programming the particular mode of honey processing that you require.

As a customer said during testing of the plant,

My God, it takes only three hours to make the same amount of honey that takes us three days!

The Light modification

The CH Light plant is intended for carrying out controlled crystallization of melted honey at atmospheric pressure. The Light version is a professional equivalent of the majority of plants for producing creamed honey, which are aimed at individual beekeepers and honey processors that process honey in small quantities. Although the plant has a low price and small output, it has been designed for intensive operation mode. Honey is crystallized in a special mixing mode with a specially-shaped agitator, with subsequent cooling of the honey and maintaining its temperature at the desired level. The automatic control system alternates the mixing and idle modes so that the optimal crystallization is achieved.

The cooling device and the automatic control system are included in the set. The Light+ series agitator is also equipped with special scrapers, which intensify the process of heat exchange between the product and the cooling agent, as well as ensuring an ideally uniform distribution of crystals that are formed inside the entire volume of product.

The Medium version

The Medium version features all the options of the Light version and, additionally, a heating function for preliminary melting of crystallized honey. When processing honey with an elevated yeast content, this particular model can be used for preliminary pasteurizing of honey prior to preparing creamed honey, in order to prevent the occurrence of foam and the deterioration of its properties.

When using a low-quality initial product with a high humidity content, as well as a high yeast content, it may happen that after the creamed honey has been prepared, a certain amount of foam will be created. During crystallization an insignificant amount of honey stays in liquid form, and due to the high humidity in this layer, the fermentation process occurs and carbon dioxide is released, which causes the foam to appear. Therefore, for producing creamed honey it is advised that you use honey with a humidity not more than 17%, as well as that you carry out pasteurization if necessary.

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The Profi version

The Profi version of the HONEMA CH plant allows producing creamed honey on an industrial scale thanks to the significant reduction in crystallization time. The Profi model features all the options of the Medium model, as well as a vacuum system, which allows reducing the time of preparing creamed honey to 3.5–4 hours (crystallization only, not including preliminary processing).

The Profi model allows air inclusions to be efficiently eliminated from the product, which in turn facilitates the formation of crystals at the necessary size, and significantly increases the shelf life of the  creamed honey that is prepared.

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