This plant is designed for quick and high-performance processing of crystallized honey in barrels.

Manufacturers often face the following problems when they need to remove crystallized honey from wholesale drums for further processing:

  • The long period of time the barrels need to stay in a warm room
  • High cost of heating drums
  • Inability to organize the operation in continuous mode
  • Uneven heating between the honey near the walls and that lying centrally inside the container
  • Separation of honey in fractionation due to improper storage or poor quality honey

The Honema TurboMelter combines the principles of intense mechanical and careful heat processing, for rapid and efficient preparation of crystallized honey for further processing (bottling, filtration, drying, homogenization, cream-honey production, etc.).


The equipment consists of a hopper, the volume of which can be changed upon request, a heated body (with a jacket for heating with hot water, or heating coils) and twin screw working elements. Depending on the required performance, the Honema TurboMelter can be made for batch or continuous process modification.

To download the crystallized honey into the TurboMelter, the operator performs several operations:

  • Gently heating the barrel wall, so that the honey near the walls is melted and allowed to fall out when the whole crystallized cylinder is turned
  • Turning the barrel in the lift-tilter
  • Unloading the solid crystallized honey cylinder into the TurboMelter’s hopper

After downloading the honey into the hopper, specially designed augers begin to bite into the solid honey, grinding and vigorously mixing it. Along with this mechanical grinding, the honey is heated by the heated walls, and thus melted.
Depending on the customer’s needs, heating the honey can be produced in one of two ways. One is from an external heat-carrier (hot water at the customer’s production facilities). This method ensures the absence of even short-term local overheating in any part of the processing vessel, and fully retains all the beneficial and commercial properties of the honey. The other is in cases where the honey requires the application of intense thermal effects, such as pasteurization; for such cases, it is possible to install electric heating elements in the jacket.
Due to the intensive mass and heat transfer between the product and the heated surfaces of the processing chamber, each particle of honey undergoes the same thermal effects, which ensures uniformity of decrystallisation, as well as energy savings. Heating stops at the exact point when all the honey has reached the desired consistency.
The mechanical grinding through the conversion of mechanical energy into heat further increases the honey’s temperature, by 1.5-2 degrees, which further accelerates the process of decrystalisation.
Mechanical mixing can effectively redistribute moisture and return honey to a homogeneous structure if delaminated due to improper storage or high moisture content. Honey processed in the Honema TurboMelter retains a homogeneous structure for a long time, without separation.


The industrial honey-melting Honema TurboMelter system can be equipped with an optional recirculation loop, filtration system for liquid honey, or pumps and pipelines to supply honey for packing or further processing.

Operation of the plant in the basic version involves start and stop buttons. These are available with an extended control system, which covers the monitoring and control of various parameters, such as temperature, filling level, the rotational speed of the screws, etc.

The plant is made entirely of stainless steel AISI304, or AISI316 on request.

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The advantages of the crystallized honey-processing plant Honema TurboMelter include:

  • High performance
  • Works in a continuous or batch mode
  • Significant time-saving for decrystallisation of large amounts of honey
  • Space-saving – no need to create a warm room
  • Energy savings
  • Heating without damage to the delicate honey
  • Easy operation, maintenance and cleaning
  • Low noise
  • Made in the EU with high quality materials and components
  • Hygienic design in accordance with FDA regulations.


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