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The honey melting and filtration plant HONEMA ClearHoney is designed for the manufacture of high-quality natural products with good commercial properties and an attractive appearance. Experience shows that the majority of consumers prefer liquid clear honey, which is considered natural – globally, honey in the liquid state is more in demand.

This honey melting and filtration plant performs the following processes: melting crystallized honey; a heat treatment for removing bacteria and yeasts which can lead to deterioration of honey; filtration – honey purification to remove various impurities such as pieces of honeycomb, grass, air bubbles, bee larvae, or glucose crystals, which become centers of crystallization and lead to accelerated honey crystallization.

Purification of honey from ecologically unfavorable regions

The honey melting and filtration plant HONEMA ClearHoney can be used for purification of honey from ecologically unfavorable areas contaminated with radionuclide and heavy metals. Most of the harmful substances found in honey which are due to environmental pollution, are determined by the number of grains of pollen in the honey, and the level of their contamination. Therefore, the effective removal of contaminated pollen grains provides a honey with a high degree of purification from harmful elements.


  • Heat treatment for the melting of crystals.
  • Filtration to prevent rapid crystallization by removal of all small particles such as air bubbles, grains of pollen, and glucose crystals which can cause crystallization.
  • Elimination of bacteria and yeast, which cause spoilage of honey.
  • Purification of honey from contamination with heavy metals and radionuclides, through ultrafiltration and removal of contaminated pollen

Design and principle of operation

The honey melting and filtration plant HONEMA ClearHoney is commonly used in the honey-processing line before the filling machine or before the cream honey production plant stage.

Honey is heated at a low temperature. After passing through the filtration section, the product is rapidly cooled in the second plant section, which ensures the preservation of all the beneficial properties of the honey. The heating and cooling temperatures of the honey processing are regulated by a control system.

The continuous method of the process ensures a uniform heat treatment of the whole honey batch and prevents local overheating – which often occurs when honey is melted in drums.

The honey processing system HONEMA ClearHoney consists of two tubular heat exchangers (one for heating and one for cooling), a heating media tank, heaters, valves, a pump for media circulation, a pump for product circulation, a filtration system and a control panel.

Honey is pumped into the first heat exchanger, where it is melted, the product then going through the filtration section equipped with interchangeable sieves. The product is then cooled, and passes on to further processing (filling, etc).

The HONEMA ClearHoney processing plant is a versatile tool for the manufacturer to themselves regulate honey-processing parameters such as heating temperature, duration of heat treatment, honey pressure when pumping through the filtration system and the size of cells in the filter grid. Skillful use of these parameters means it is possible to produce an all-natural, impurities-free honey, which preserves all nutrients, and is yet completely sterile, and purified of pollen.

An automatic control system, based on an industrial controller, allows you to control the temperature and duration of heating, as well as the rate and pressure at which the honey passes through the plant.

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  • Versatile – plant is suitable for processing different kinds of honey to produce a final product with a variety of commercial properties.
  • Consistently high quality of the finished product from batch to batch.
  • Uniform heat treatment; freedom from local overheating.
  • Increased crystallization-free period, thanks to removal of crystallization clusters such as those caused by impurities, and melting any existing seed crystals of mono-and disaccharides.
  • Easy and convenient management of all processes using the industrial controller.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Integrated heating system.
  • Sanitary design in accordance with FDA standards; no dead zones where accumulation of product is possible.
  • EU-made, with high quality materials and components.
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